Meet the Crows

Liz Blair - E-commerce Project Manager

liz-blair-backcountry-experience-durango.pngI grew up in Midcoast Maine hiking, canoeing, camping, and skiing. After far too many days of ice skiing, I decided to move to the Southwest a little over a year ago. During the week I spend most of my time running the trails of Durango, though you may catch me mountain biking every now and then. On the weekend, I’m either in the desert or up in the mountains, depending upon the season. Trail running, backpacking and backcountry skiing is where I dedicate most of my time, but I’ve started dabbling in bikepacking and climbing as well. I’d say I’m more of a “Jill of all Trades”.

Aidan Multhauf - Sales


I first came to Durango a smidge over two years ago for the obvious reason: access to the alpine and desert. Since arriving, I have divided my weekends up by whatever season it is. Fall and Spring I’m in Southeast Utah, joyfully ascending cracks by cramming my body into the wingate sandstone. In the summer, when the desert is too hot, I migrate up in altitude and climb whichever north facing crag is calling to me that day. In the winter, I also run for the hills, but this time I’m there for the curtains of ice and snowy peaks. Durango is certainly a climber’s paradise, and I’m proud to be basking in its glory.

Margaret Hedderman - Marketing & Events Coordinator


A few years ago, Backcountry Experience sponsored my 2014-15 Te Araroa thru-hike, New Zealand On Foot. A couple days after returning to Durango, I was working at The Shop, managing all marketing and events. Since then, I've helped create and organize Colorado Trail Days, the Women Outside Adventure Forum, and the DGO Climbing Fest, among other things. Most weekends I'm outside playing in the mountains or desert. There's a good chance you can find me (much like Where's Waldo) backpacking, trail running, climbing, or backcountry snowboarding.