Meet the Crows

Liz Blair - Vice-Chancellor of Web

liz-blair-backcountry-experience-durango.pngI grew up in Midcoast Maine hiking, canoeing, camping, and skiing. After far too many days of ice skiing, I decided to move to the Southwest a little over a year ago. During the week I spend most of my time running the trails of Durango, though you may catch me mountain biking every now and then. On the weekend, I’m either in the desert or up in the mountains, depending upon the season. Trail running, backpacking and backcountry skiing is where I dedicate most of my time, but I’ve started dabbling in bikepacking and climbing as well. I’d say I’m more of a “Jill of all Trades”.

Michelle Brittain - Clothing Buyer

dscn7597.jpegI moved west in the Spring of 2012 after graduating from the University of Michigan.  After a few seasonal jobs, I started at Backcountry Experience in June of 2013.  As the Men’s & Women’s clothing buyer, I specialize in technical fabrics & features of all apparel in the store.  My recent adventures have included my second Grand Canyon raft trip, harvesting & processing prickly pears, trips home to Lake Michigan beaches, and showing my grandma around the beautiful southwest.  I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, garage sailing, photography, organizing & eating.

Ginny Chandler - Operations Manager

ginny-chandler-backcountry-experience-durango.jpgI have lived mostly in MD & VA spending a lot of time in the Appalachian Mountains as a hiker, backpacker, climber, skier, kayaker, mountain biker & wildlife biologist. As Manufacturer Sales Reps, my husband & I led guided trips for outdoor retailers teaching them how to backpack & use new gear. As parents of 3 sons, we traveled with the boys to South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Costa Rica & most of the US in search of everything from close encounters with coconut throwing Howler Monkeys to grumpy Matriarch elephants. We moved to Durango 3 years ago for new adventures. You can find me hooting back & forth to the owls, or paddle boarding up the Animas.

Aidan Multhauf - Sales


I first came to Durango a smidge over two years ago for the obvious reason: access to the alpine and desert. Since arriving, I have divided my weekends up by whatever season it is. Fall and Spring I’m in Southeast Utah, joyfully ascending cracks by cramming my body into the wingate sandstone. In the summer, when the desert is too hot, I migrate up in altitude and climb whichever north facing crag is calling to me that day. In the winter, I also run for the hills, but this time I’m there for the curtains of ice and snowy peaks. Durango is certainly a climber’s paradise, and I’m proud to be basking in its glory.

Margaret Hedderman - Arch Consul of Marketing & Events 


A few years ago, Backcountry Experience sponsored my 2014-15 Te Araroa thru-hike, New Zealand On Foot. A couple days after returning to Durango, I was working at The Shop, managing all marketing and events. Since then, I've helped create and organize Colorado Trail Days, the Women Outside Adventure Forum, and the DGO Climbing Fest, among other things. Most weekends I'm outside playing in the mountains or desert. There's a good chance you can find me backpacking, trail running, climbing, backcountry snowboarding, or traveling. 


Dan Higbee - Controller

20160814-114907-1.jpgAfter spending my childhood on the flat plains of the Midwest and the humid hills of the East Coast, the call West was unmistakable.  I originally transplanted myself to Durango with the prospect of a degree, but I have ended up staying more for the beautiful setting.  Since moving here in 2013, I have spent my time outdoors backpacking, climbing, mountain biking, and snowboarding. I started working at Backcountry Experience in the spring of 2014 and have stuck around helping people with their outdoor needs ever since. More recently, I have started spending my time exploring the rigors of alpine climbing, ice climbing, and backcountry skiing.