What We're Thankful For

by BCEXP Staff

It’s been an interesting year here in Durango. From fires to flooding, there’s been a lot that’s made the last few months quite challenging. But from what we’ve seen, the Durango community has truly pulled together and supported one another through thick and thin. So this Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for you.

We asked some of the Crows on staff what they’re thankful for this year:

Nicole: I am thankful for Durango and the opportunity to live and play in such a beautiful area. People travel all over the world to get to our backyard and we have the opportunity to hike, bike, and ski minutes away from the front door.

Aidan: I am thankful for the public lands that allow me to play in the Southwest.

Jo: This year I am thankful for Yoga. And how much food Yoganna eat today :)

Ryan: I’m thankful for being able to live in a town that gives me the opportunity to pursue so many of my outdoor interests. I’m also thankful for all my family that go out of their way to visit and enjoy Durango with me.

Margaret: I’m thankful to live in a community that values playing outside and leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle.