Comparisons: the La Sportiva Akasha VS. the Bushido

by Liz Blair

For the past couple of years I’ve been running in the La Sportiva Akasha with excellent results. I’ve enjoyed the fit, and the tread has held up well over harsh terrain and long distances. A friend of mine has felt equally similar about the La Sportiva Bushido. This summer, I finally let my curiosity get the best of me and decided to try out a pair of Bushidos. Here’s how the two compared:

Technical Details

Akasha Bushido
Weight 11.35 oz 8.8 oz
Drop 6 mm 6 mm
Fit Wide Performance

Right off the bat, it’s clear the Bushido is a much more aggressive shoe. It fits like a sock and flexes similarly. The rounded lugs along the edges are designed to provide enhanced traction and stability in technical terrain. The Bushido is also loaded with a 1.5 mm dual-density compressed EVA rock guard in the forefoot, which is welcome when running on rocky terrain.

The Akasha, on the other hand, is designed for logging long miles with comfort in mind. The Trail Rocker sole provides a smoother trail ride by promoting the heel-to-toe motion. While the Akasha doesn’t have a rock guard, the STB technology (i.e. a synthetic leather overlay on the uppers) provides a snug fit and better protection.

Fit & Feel

As you might expect, the Akasha and Bushido have a different fit. I can really feel the trail in the Bushido, whereas the Akasha has more cushion between your foot and the trail. The Akasha also has more volume, which is especially nice if you have a wider foot. The sock-like fit of the Bushido makes it more agile over technical terrain and overall, allows me to move quicker uphill. On the downhill; however, I prefer the additional cushion of the Akasha.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoy running in both shoes, but for very different reasons. I’ll most likely use my Bushidos for short to mid-distance trail runs through more technical terrain. The snug fit of the Bushido allows me to move more quickly over rocky terrain and the Rock Guard helps protect against sharp objects. While I love being able to feel of the terrain’s contour underfoot with the Bushido, it’s also the reason the Akashas will be my go-to shoe for longer distances where the added comfort is welcome. For those newish to trail running, or those that just prefer a comfort fit, the Akasha is a great option. For the trail runner who is ready to take on more challenging terrain and doesn’t mind getting more intimate with the trail the Bushido is for you.